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Wild blueberry jam

190 ml


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Who needs to present wild blueberries? We harvest the juicy, sweet and tasty berries in the forests of the Saguenay. In every jar is a story, ours and that of our pickers who perpetuate the age-old tradition of wild harvesting.

  • Sustainable harvest
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Made in Canada


  • wild blueberries
  • organic sugar
  • fruit pectin
  • citric acid

The best recipes are always the simplest

It took us many years before finally deciding to make a blueberry jam. We wanted to concentrate on less well known northern fruit, and, let’s face it, the shelves of stores are full of blueberry jams…
One day when Gerald was harvesting, he came upon a big patch of blueberries. He picked a good quantity and not wanting to lose the harvest, decided to make it into jam.

Wow! The forgotten taste of the small wild berries! We just had to offer such a jam, a real jam made with quality wild fruit like the jam our grandmothers made.

The berries are cooked slowly to keep them whole and we add a minimum of sugar. Delightful !

Using our artisanal wild blueberry jam

Of course, our jam has a place at the breakfast table but it can be used in many other ways :

  • On ice cream or sponge cake
  • Mixed with yogurt
  • In sauces with meats
  • In muffins

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