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Forest Workshops

CANCELED FOR 2021, Please to our foraging and feasting webinars.

Imagine coming across a patch of chanterelle mushrooms, preparing a delicious salad with your children from plants in your backyard or serving your guests a meal entirely harvested in the forest!

Gourmet Sauvage workshops invite you to see the forest differently and to re-discover our original source of food. Though we may discover exciting new tastes and derive great pleasure in harvesting our own food, foraging in the wild simply makes a lot of sense. One may say that foraging is in our DNA.

Wild harvests help us develop an intimate relationship with the world around us. Dare wander in the forest to discover its flavours, meander along trails long enough to fill your basket, share with your children the treasure hunt of wild plants and mushrooms throughout the seasons.

Our instructors are experienced but especially passionate about the forest and its wealth of resources. With them you will participate in ancestral nordic and contemporary cuisine. You will never see the forest in the same way again.

Please note: Our workshops are given in French, but can be given in English upon request.

Harvesting and preparing wild plants workshop

Gourmet Sauvage invites you to discover nature differently through this workshop. Learn to identify, harvest and cook a number of easily recognizable plants.


Workshop: harvesting and cooking wild mushrooms

The world of wild mushrooms is a mysterious one which many people dare not explore. Gourmet Sauvage proposes to initiate you into this world with a few easily identifiable species.


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