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Marinated milkweed pods

190 ml

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You’ve no doubt seen milkweed as you travelled along a country road. This very common plant releases silky seeds in the fall. The young seed pods are the vegetable that we harvest in August. The pod is then small and tender and we make a delicious pickle with it.

  • Sustainable harvest
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Made in Canada


  • milkweed pods
  • water
  • cider vinegar
  • sea salt

A very unusual artisanal marinade

Milkweed pods are children’s favourite. Many of us have made toy animals with the shapely pod.

The milkweed is the host plant for the monarch butterfly caterpillar which feeds exclusively on milkweed leaves. There are often beautiful monarch butterflies around us when we harvest the pods.

Though many people know the plant, few are aware of its value as a food. The plant contains a sticky white latex which is toxic for humans but dissolves well in water and the pods become edible if well washed. We have been selling and eating these pods since 1993 with no negative effect by following a rigorous cleaning method we have developed with the ministry of agriculture.

Using marinated milkweed pods

Marinated milkweed pods are somewhere between cucumber pickles and caperberries. They have a rich floral taste. Serve it to your guests and watch their reaction!

  • With a plate of cold cuts
  • Chopped into a tartar
  • In a ceasar salad
  • With rillettes and pâtés
  • With a well grilled fatty fish like trout or salmon

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