40 grams

Ingredients: dried chanterelle mushrooms

The beautiful yellow chanterelle is among the best known and most appreciated of all mushrooms. In fact, this is the species of wild mushrooms that is most sold on world markets. It grows in many different types of habitat and can be found year after year in the same locations. It has a fruity smell and a taste reminiscent of apricots.

Omelettes, quiches, muffins, cream sauces, with chicken or fish, chanterelles marry well with almost any dish you can imagine.

Using dried mushrooms. Most of the time, dried mushroom can be added directly to a preparation. Steam and juices during cooking will rehydrate the mushrooms. Flake and add as-is to roasts, soups, fowl, omelettes, sauces, pizzas, etc. If you want to rehydrate, soak in a liquid (water, stock, wine) for about 10-15 minutes. Do not lose the liquid which is full of flavour. Heat enough to evaporate the liquid.