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Chaga-balsam fir soap




This soap will please the coureur des bois in you. Chaga, the mushroom of eternity also called the forest’s black diamond, is a powerful antioxidant filled with vitamins and minerals. It is harvested sustainably in the vicinity of Mont-Tremblant.

Gourmet Sauvage has teamed up with the artisanal soap factory ‘La paysanne’, a small business that we truly admire. Their mission: to offer natural body-care products with sustainably harvested ingredients.


INCI: Olea europaea, cocos nucifera, magnifera indica, butyrospermum parkii, sodium hydroxyde, aqua, inonotus oblicuus, marrocan lava clay, cera alba, pinus strobus oil, abies balsamea oil, E vitamin.


  • Sustainable harvest
  • GMO free
  • Product of Canada


A cold-soap process is used to manufacture these artisanal soaps.The process enhances the presence of herbal glycerine which makes for a soft and moisturizing soap. Fats and oils are added in order to preserve the skin’s natural hydration capacity. What’s more, the packaging contains flower seeds and they can be planted!

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