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Birch syrup


130 ml


Birch syrup is made from boiled-down birch sap using the same methods we use for making maple syrup. The result is a very special product with a taste of molasses, anise and coffee with acidic notes which recall balsamic vinegar.

Although used widely with sweet dishes it is at its best with salted dishes such as fish, seafood, meat and grilled vegetables.


  • birch syrup
  • Sustainable harvest
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Made in Canada

A little-known terroir syrup, delicious and versatile

What a job making birch syrup. It is made like maple syrup but requires as much as four times the amount of sap to produce an equal amount of syrup. With maple syrup the ratio is about 40:1 but it is well over 100:1 with birch syrup. This important reduction of birch sap produces a rich, complex syrup

Using birch syrup

Unlike maple syrup, birch syrup is more of a condiment accompanying a dish rather than a product to spread on pancakes. It is a unique product with multiple possibilities in the kitchen. Foodies will enjoy it in many different recipes.

  • As a dip with olive oil and fresh bread
  • To marinate meats and tofu
  • A small add-on to a plate of cheeses and cold cuts
  • To grill vegetables on the BBQ
  • In a vinaigrette (instead of balsamic vinegar)
  • As a finishing touch to giant scallops
  • In cookies and cakes

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