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Balsam fir mustard


190 ml


We had been dreaming for a long time of creating an artisanal mustard with balsam needles. Spicy mustard combined with the resinous taste of balsam needles creates a unique combination of taste that is exciting in the kitchen while evoking nature’s wide open spaces.


  • mustard (contains sulfites)
  • water
  • white wine
  • cider vinegar
  • balsam needles
  • sea salt
  • Sustainable harvest
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Product of Canada

Balsam mustard, the forest in your plate

This unique product is a reflection of wild nature where the emblematic balsam is king. Its taste is spicy, rich and resinous.

This artisanal mustard is handmade in small quantities using high quality ingredients: canadian mustard seeds, cider vinegar, white wine and sea salt.

The handpicked balsam needles are dried, crushed and added to the mustard which then allowed to age a few weeks before being put in jars.

Using balsam mustard

This aromatic mustard will allow you to add a wild touch to your dishes. Put an exotic note in your everyday meals and your most elaborate dishes with this spicy, woodsy and resinous product.

  • In a marinade for tempeh
  • In a grilled vegetable and feta cheese sandwich
  • To accompany duck magret
  • In a tartar
  • In a vegetable dip with homemade mayonnaise

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