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Black trumpet




40 grammes

Ingredients: dried black trumpet mushrooms

Black as night but what flavour: chocolaty, moist earth, hints of plum and a texture of thin algae.

Simmer in chicken or vegetable stock for 20 minutes and remove mushrooms for a great consommé. Keep the mushrooms to add later to a sauce. There’s nothing quite like a black trumpet omelette with goat cheese. Use also in sauces and soups.

Using dried mushrooms. Most of the time, dried mushroom can be added directly to a preparation. Steam and juices during cooking will rehydrate the mushrooms. Flake and add as-is to roasts, soups, fowl, omelettes, sauces, pizzas, etc. If you want to rehydrate, soak in a liquid (water, stock, wine) for about 10-15 minutes. Do not lose the liquid which is full of flavour. Heat enough to evaporate the liquid.



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