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Lobster mushroom




40 grams

Ingredients: dried lobster mushrooms

Lobster mushrooms are a combination of two mushrooms. The short-stalked white russula, an edible but uninteresting mushroom, is attacked by another mushroom, the Hypomyces lactifluorum and then becomes the wonderful lobster with its aroma and flavour of the sea. It has a firm texture and a brilliant orange colour.

Blended into a white sauce, lobster mushrooms are fantastic on pasta or spread on a filet of fish.. Use it to accompany all seafood.

Using dried mushrooms. Most of the time, dried mushroom can be added directly to a preparation. Steam and juices during cooking will rehydrate the mushrooms. Flake and add as-is to roasts, soups, fowl, omelettes, sauces, pizzas, etc. If you want to rehydrate, soak in a liquid (water, stock, wine) for about 10-15 minutes. Do not lose the liquid which is full of flavour. Heat enough to evaporate the liquid.



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